“Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always”

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"We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes," said Professor Lupin. "Are you alright, Harry?"

Harry didn’t ask how Professor Lupin knew his name.


-The first time Lupin addresses Harry by his name

Rereading the books, this interaction breaks my heart. Because the first time you read it, you assume Lupin knows who he is because he’s Harry, and that he recognises his scar or he’s seen Harry’s picture in the papers, maybe. But once you’ve read the books, you know that it’s because Lupin’s seen that face before. Harry looks only a little older than James did when Lupin first met him - he probably still has photographs of the Marauders at that age. Harry looks about the age that James did when he found out that Lupin was a werewolf - a terrible, dangerous, Dark creature - and told Lupin that he didn’t care. He looks exactly like James did when he was a teenager - except with Lily’s eyes.

Lupin recognises Harry because it’s the face of his best friends’ son. He probably held Harry as a baby, not long after he’d been born, with James and Lily smiling happily over him. He probably watched Harry toddle around their house in Godric’s Hollow when he was first learning to walk. 

And it reminds Lupin of everything he lost that night when James and Lily died, and Sirius went on the run. 

That’s how he knows Harry’s name.

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If you could do any role, any time - not just now, but in the past, ever - what would you have picked?

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Game of Thrones Cast SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly (x)

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The Agents of SHIELD cast at San Diego Comic-Con 2013-2014

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I think the world should take account into this scene

I think tumblr should, too

I think tumblr should too

I really think tumblr should too

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For the hunger games au post I just rebloged…
Who do you think will win?

I am honestly curious.

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

based on this post (x)

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The fandom you are trying to reach is currently unavailable due to the Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer release. Please hang up, and try your call again on October 8th, 2014.

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Had a bad night, but everything is wonderful now because felicity and Oliver will be going out to dinner.

SCRATCH THAT! I’m in a bad mood again. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY? I got to the end of the First look promo and it said 10.08.14. Where I come from that means THE 10TH of August. AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, I WAS EXTREMELY HAPPY AND ALSO HYPERVENTILATING BECAUSE THAT’S TWO WEEKS AWAY. But NOOOOOOOOO! Because you write your dates in a weird way, THAT MEANS ARROW AND MY OLICITY COME BACK IN OCTOBER! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER! *goes back to sobbing in the corner*
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"Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve"

Ginny Weasley

#ladies and gentlemen #meet ginevra molly weasley #teased 24/7 when she was growing up for having a crush on the famous harry potter #wasn’t allowed to play quidditch with her brothers because she was considered too weak and too little #was constantly overlooked and underestimated because of her size and timidity #was possessed by none other than lord voldemort for basically an entire year #almost fucking died #not only fought off said horcrux for a year #but survived #blossomed #THRIVED #grew up to be a shockingly well adjusted young woman #not even a year later she faced dementors and didn’t even pass out despite the trauma #made the house quidditch team because at the age of six she said ‘fuck it’ and taught herself how to fly on a broom #GREW UP TO PLAY THAT SAID SPORT PROFESSIONALLY LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS #GREW UP TO BE SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR OF THE FUCKING NEWSPAPER #not only learned how to standup for herself #but also for her fellow classmates  #students who unlike her were still overlooked and underestimated #BECAUSE SHE IS HELLA FUCKING NICE SON #proved her bravery and skill by willingly fighting adult deatheaters at the age of 14 #and at the age of 15 #and at the age of 16 #FUCKING PWNED AND SURVIVED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN #LIKE A BOSS #FUCKING LED THE D.A. #DO. YOU. EVEN. #fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck #ASDFGHJKL; #all in order to help those she cared about and loved #BECAUSE SHE LOVES AND CARES FIERCELY MMK #proved herself to be so charming and so fierce #that soon her pumpkin juice starting bringing all of the boys to her yard #owned her sexuality like a motherfucking QUEEN #when her own brother tried to slut-shame her you know she ended that shit right quick #COULD NOT BE TAMED #WILL NOT BE TAMED #not only won the heart of the D she was yearning for since the age of 10 #but also PUT A RING ON IT #you know thats right #she made sure that shit was hers forevaaaaa #became a momma who still profits dollas #THROW YOUR HANDS UP AT ME  #you know she ballin #BASICALLY YOU FUCKWITS #MEET GINNY WEASLEY #the girl who could NOT be fucked with #the girl who proved all the haters wrong #THE GIRL WHO HAD NERVE


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why doesn’t anyone ever mention how good at sewing spiderman is

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1x02 // 3x03